TabUp’s mobile menus enhance your guests’ on-premise experience. Benefits Include:

Easy implementation

Implement your web menu in as little as 24 hours. Your menu has a captive audience and we’ll help you maximize its impact.

streamlined ordering & Payment

Removes the unnecessary steps of writing down one order at time and splitting checks manually, allowing service staff to focus more on guests.

staff retention

TabUp servers provide better service to more tables, increasing their tips. Making it easier to retain your best staff. 

better service

Guests increasingly want the flexibility to decide when and how they order.

TabUp Order & Pay Results are Astounding


Sales per ticket improves by as 20% or more

improve guest satisfaction

Guests are happy when they can control their experience 

manage staffing shortfalls

Less dependence on servers reduces staffing requirements

faster table

Guests order sooner and checkout faster

For the guest experience it’s… “game changing.”

Through their own mobile devices, guests can order and keep ordering for their on premise table, cabana or at any specific location they may be. Extend and enhance your existing service, increase revenue, decrease costs all while keeping the very best staff busy and making more money. The guests order more often, receive the best service. The cost/benefits are astounding.