How is TabUp Unique?

TabUp’s patent pending open tab ordering and payment technology was created specifically for on-premise use and provides the most cost effective way to to enhance the guest experience and drive increased revenue.

Differentiating Features

order sharing

This process gives guests the choice to order from their own device on a shared tab, eliminating the requirement to use one device. Order Sharing accelerates the ordering process and give guests a better experience.

Built in two-way communication

Two-way communication with guests can significantly improve their experience. The longer the distance the server has to walk the more valuable this becomes.  Marketplace POS systems do not offer two way communication.

guest controlled check splitting

Servers don’t like splitting checks and guests don’t like waiting for their check to be split.  TabUp gives guests the power to split the check on their own, saving everyone time and hassle. 

open tab technology

Other services require every round to be closed out and paid for prior to being submitted. This is frustrating and limits revenue. With open tab technology the guests have a better experience and spend more.

qr coded locations

TabUp uses QR Codes to uniquely identify the guests’ ordering location on premises, whether it’s a table, dock, cabana, or any other place where service can be provided. It’s inexpensive, easy to implement, and everyone is familiar with them.

The Opportunity We Offer

What we all knew yesterday, is now different. Restaurants are embracing technology from a takeout and delivery vantage point but what are they doing to optimize their on premise guest experience? Patrons are expecting an elevated experience. When there are lapses in service, takes too long to order, reorder or close out, it frustrates the guest, hurts the experience and ultimately reduces revenue.

TabUp solves this problem.

It’s easy to implement and there are no setup fees.

Too Long to Greet Guests?

The guest no longer has to wait to place their order

Too Long to Reorder?

The guest no longer has to wait to order another drink, etc.

Too long to Close Out?

The guest can now close out their own tab

Lack of Consistency in Guest Communication?

No more incorrect communication of the menu, specials, etc.

No Time to Focus on the Quality of the Guest Experience?

Servers no longer need to run back and forth from table to table

Ski Lodges

Who Uses TabUp?

Indoor, outdoor, high-end, casual and everything in between. Drive higher sales with a TabUp enabled service model that allows guests to order and pay from their own device.

Hotels, Resorts, Casinos

Pool and Beach Cabanas

Food Courts & Markets

Stadiums & Fairgrounds

Easy Onboarding


Setup is Easy and We’ll Create Your New Electronic Menu.

  • Send us your menu
  • We configure all of your preferences
  • Validate Integrations


After Setup is Completed We’ll Show You How to:

  • Maximize all the benefits of TabUp
  • Guide you through how to make real-time changes
  • Provide Live Support

Go Live!

Welcome to TabUp! Go live with our continued commitment to your success

Client & User Testimonials

Service was excellent and the app was easy to navigate! We look forward to returning as soon as possible!!


Service was great and the app is a game changer.


Not only did TabUp do everything we needed, our net costs have decreased. Sales have increased. Guests get better service and the servers love it. Why wouldn’t you do this?

Karina T.



Best Experience Ever!!!


Excellent app! Loved the contactless experience and convenience.